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Employee recognition and reward software

We help growing businesses harness the power of their greatest asset, their people.

Our modern, easy to use software platform has been designed specifically for SMB’s. Allowing any business to reap the benefits of a best-practice recognition and reward program. We’ve done all the hard work to ensure you get a great program that you can start using from day one.

We provide you with the structure, tools and unlimited support to make your recognition program a game-changer.


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Employee Recognition is the simplest way to increase Employee Engagement

Turnover costs your bottom line 2.5 times per a full-time employee’s salary. A productive $55,000 a year, experienced employee leaving your company costs you $122,500. Department of Labor statistics show that 46% of the people that leave a company voluntarily do so because they don’t feel valued.

Roughly speaking, 25% are engaged, 25% are actively disengaged and the other 50% are just doing enough to keep out of trouble.

Increase Engagement, decrease attrition and become a best place to work. Get started here.

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