Recognise anywhere, anytime

Frequent recognition, drives
long-term employee motivation and engagement. Redii enables you to recognise your people anytime, anywhere on any device.

Simple, social recognition

Sharing and celebrating employee achievements brings your culture to life. Redii displays recognition socially – inviting employees to comment and ‘like’.

Give rewards that resonate

Redeem points in the Redii shop, which contains rewards that cater for different needs and interests – from travel and luxury experiences to gift cards and electronics.

Track, measure and report

Access the information you need to track the impact and ROI that employee recognition is having against employee engagement and business goals.

Why and how to recognise at work

Companies who put their people first create a culture that inspires leadership and promotes growth. By connecting each person to a meaningful purpose, building trust through transparency, and empowering individuals to recognise and reward the contribution of their peers, you can build a business where people do their best work. And when we do our best work, we make the biggest impact.

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