Definition of Employee Recognition

Definition of employee recognition

Employee recognition and employee recognition programs are part of the total reward framework for most businesses. When well designed, Employee Recognition programs will have a positive effect on employee’s rationale and ’emotional engagement’, That is, connecting both the the head and the heart to the objectives of your business.

The definition of Employee Recognition is “the action or process of recognising or being recognised”. Recognition can be delivered on behalf of the company to an individual, by a manager or more powerfully by peers who witness the great contribution of their fellow employees everyday.

If recognition is given consistently and frequently it has a significant impact on employee productivity, engagement and overall behaviour. A best practice employee recognition program will deliver significant commercial gains for employers due to lower absenteeism, increased productivity and higher engagement.


Recognition should be spontaneous.
Expressed regularly, the more often the better.
It can be simply a ‘thank you’ – those two words have a powerful impact.
It can be an award – or reward!