What is strategic recognition?

Strategic recognition is about creating awards in line with your business objectives. We’ve helped our clients get powerful results from aligning recognition to goals. From peer to peer to top performer recognition, thank you’s to safety awards and sales incentives, here are some of the awards that work.

Calmer of Storms
Give an Award for navigating through storms

Every business has its own share of sticky situations or stormy weather but how we navigate them is what sets us apart. Use this award to recognise the heroes in your business who can always restore calm. One of our clients uses this award to recognise its PR team, who get their fair share of good and bad. Create your business awards here.

The Piggy Bank
Celebrate the big financial wins

Your can use awards as incentives to drive specific behaviours around the achievement of sales or call quotas. One of our clients saw its average time to close client deals drop by 10 days since introducing this award. Create your strategic awards here. 

Good Luck and Goodbye
Saying Goodbye always is hard, here's how to make it fun!

Sometimes your best people choose to go and start a new chapter of their lives. Recognise the part you have played in their journey and thank them with an award. Use Gamification and Badges to engage your team.

Happy Birthday
Automate your employee's birthday celebrations

Personal awards like ‘Happy Birthday’ are a great way to say thanks and make your people smile. It’s an award all employees can share and celebrate by wishing the birthday star well on the recognition wall. Automate your employees birthday celebrations here.

Google Review
Recognise & Reward when an employee gets a good review

Does your business rely on the quality of its personal reviews and recommendations? Why not create an award to encourage your people to have their clients or customer leave you a google review. One of our clients has seen a 320% increase in traffic to their website as a result. Got an strategic goal you can reach with recognition? Create an award now!

Employee of the Month
Recognise your shining stars each month

It’s an oldie but a goody. A monthly award where anyone in your team can nominate a peer for living one of the values of your business. This is a great one to support with a physical trophy or mascot to adorn the winners workspace. Start a recognition program now.

Knocked it out of the park
Celebrating those extraordinary awesome achievements

Sometimes, someone just hits you with a win that seems like it came from nowhere. Celebrate the unexpected and challenge your people to think differently. Our clients that have this award turned on report a higher volume of innovation suggestions. Rally your team behind your goals today.

Extraordinary Win
The award everyone wants to win

Nothing feels better than being recognised for something pretty transformational with an award that makes you feel on top of the world. One of our clients created this award as a peer nomination, so that stand out top talent is highlighted by the business itself. Celebrate those awesome wins with custom awards. Create your program now. 

Facebook Likes
Incentivise the promotion of your FB company page

Do your rely on Facebook as part of your business marketing strategy? If so encouraging Facebook likes can be a great award to feature. One of our clients generated 10,000 new likes by featuring this award. Create you own here.

The Comeback
Initiating a turnaround on a grand scale

How do you get a team out of a performance rut? The Comeback award can help. One of our clients created this award to put some energy behind teams that had experienced high employee turnover. Celebrate those awesome achievements with strategic recognition.

The Three Amigos
Teamwork matters

With Redii you can recognise multiple people at the same time. One of clients created this award to celebrate and encourage the spirit of teamwork (one of their values). It has been used more than 2000 times in a year! Super charge your team performance with strategic recognition.

Work Anniversary
Automatically recognise each year of your employees work life

Loyalty does matter to your people and it’s great to see it matters to you. Automated work anniversary awards can be triggered each year with points to allow your people to choose or save towards a reward they want. Never miss an employee important day. Automate your celebrations now.


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