Campbelltown Catholic Club launched their employee recognition program, Kudos, with a big Sunday morning celebration, complete with a hot breakfast, zorb soccer, inflatable Twister and plenty of big smiles. The team at CCC are so committed to celebrating their work place and enjoying the company of their peers that some employees came along to celebrate even after having worked the night shift.

This commitment – and the fun sense of community that was bursting out of the conference room walls that morning of the launch – is testament to the workplace culture that CCC’s leaders have invested so much into creating. It is the type of workplace community that continues to evolve and improve over the years, and that their people are proud to contribute to. A few months ago, in response to a recent staff survey, CEO Michael Lavaroto decided it was time to revive their employee recognition experience. After running a Redii Recognition Workshop, representatives from all across the business designed a program that simplified the award structure and gave each employee the opportunity – and responsibility – to recognise their peers and highlight the people in their area of the business that are making a difference at any time of day.

Here’s what Campbelltown Catholic Club’s people had to say about why recognition plays such a big role in creating a great workplace culture that enables them to be a leading provider in their area:

One of the best things about attending CCC’s launch event was having the opportunity to meet their people – some of whom have served the community for 25 years. This is what some of that said about recognition, and the role it plays in making their club a great place to work:

One of the winning features of the Redii platform is the Recognition Wall, which allows employees to see achievements that are being recognised across the entire organisation in real time:

Seeing the recognition stories up on the wall shows what we do best at Campbelltown Catholic Club. Staff go about their day to day business and might not really see that they’re doing anything special … but those little things make a difference.
– Emma Shalala – HR Assistant

Not only does this amplify the things people are achieving that make a difference, it also creates a sense of connection and connectivity:

It just makes employees feel like they’re part of the whole show instead of a little item on their own and them feeling like they’re not part of what’s happening.
– Alan Heaney – Doorman

Working with this type of organisation is part of the reason why I love my job so much. It is such a privilege to see the effect recognition has on such a big, diverse workforce. No matter the nature of their role, the club has people who are making a difference throughout the whole organisation and understands how important these individuals are to making the place one of the best in their region and industry. We’re really looking forward to watching this program come to life across the club and light up the faces – not only of the people who work there but the customers they serve every day.

Want to start something amazing in your own organisation? You can recognise someone on Redii right now!