Simple employee recognition software designed for SMEs who want to grow great businesses by harnessing the power of their greatest asset: their team.

peer to peer recognition

Harness the power of peer to peer recognition

Often the only person to witness the great work delivered by one employee is another employee. Redii empowers your team to recognise each other against the behaviours you value and that drive business growth.

employee recognition and reward software

Align recognition to your business goals

Strategic recognition is all about outcomes. Redii allows you to create an Award to support any of your goals. Whether it’s becoming a ‘customer first’ business, driving your NPS, delivering on big projects or bringing in ‘game-changing deals’.

employee recognition program

Tag company values in every recognition

Add your company values or behaviours to your awards in Redii and watch as they come to life in real examples from your employees. Identify your star people and use the data to help you recruit more of them.

Automate the recognition of milestones and events

Using Redii you can automate sending recognition for length of service and employees birthdays. A simple act of saying thank you for your loyalty or allowing peers to celebrate a Birthday keeps employees connected.

Simple interface, minimal admin

Redii makes it easy for you to add your employees, through integration with payroll or via CSV. As your business grows, Redii grows. Adding new employees, changing or adding awards is easy.

Reward your people the way they want

Choose to turn on Redii’s rewards catalogue and your people can exchange their accumulated recognition points for a tangible reward. From amazing experiences and travel to a vast range of digital gift cards, delivered instantly.

Integrations Available

SAML 2.0
Utilise our integration with SAML 2.0 in two ways:
-allow your people to access Redii using everyday system login credentials
-have your new starters automatically added your Redii program without any manual handling

Recognition API
Access your own Recognition API to be able to pull recognition data out of the platform and into your own internal systems

Load all you employee details into Redii with the click of a button!

SLACK – Slack: All recognition sent straight to your slack channel!


Redii to create an extraordinary work culture?